Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a MESS !!

I feel terrible to see my studio in such a mess !!! I have been so busy with so many projects and preparing for shows that I have neglected my studio a lot !!!
I can not believe I can create in this space with so many things around me! I am ashame of myself for letting this get to the condition that it is right now. When I make the effort to clean it up I want to do so many things at the same time that I end up not doing anything. ;o)
 Look at this !! On top of my already messy place I just got yesterday a big box with my jewelry boxes I ordered for my coming up shows.
This is only one side of the mess ;o) and as you can see there is not space in my two big tables !!! I have books everywhere, papers, beads and much more.

I will CLEAN up this studio this week ! I promise to myself I will do it and I will!
Now, to be able to do that I have to stop writing in my blog and get out of the computer !! ;o)

Have a super great day my friends !!!!

* Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere !! * ;o)


  1. ok . . . stop beating yourself up . . . the kinda busy you've been is a good kinda busy - clearly productive, creative and successful. I spend 20 mins cleaning my shop before I start working. And I get it, it can be troublesome to find your shop in such dissaray - but don't make it a drag, you won't want to do it . . . just my 4 cents (accounting for inflation and such) xo - D

  2. lol
    Delia, I am into the process of cleaning the studio and I am freaking out!!!
    All I can say is that I think I will survive! ;o)

  3. oh don't worry! my area is worse, lol.

  4. OMG !! I am still cleaning up !!! ;o)
    Making look better takes more work than I though !

  5. LOL, It's never ending! A work room, studio seems to be a messes magnet. One almost needs an armed guard at the door to stop the progression.

  6. Tell me about it !!! I am almost finish but now I think I need to locked my door so I CAN NOT GET IN to mess it up again !!!! lol

  7. ooy amiga!!... I wish my tables were that neat. When I look at this room, I see creativity at work. Don't be so hard on yourself.

  8. :o) Clara: jejejejeje Okay, but believe me. I did not show the real bad area of disaster !!

  9. :) That's nothing compared to my studio :) mine is pretty messed up as well, but just like we got to clean it up to be able to work and focus well, right?

  10. Yes, Anne !! ;o)
    Mine got messy very fast again but I am in the process of cleaning AGAIN !! ;o)


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