Friday, August 28, 2009


I am celebrating my 4oth birthday Today and I can say that I am happy with my 40 years lived.

I have a great husband that since the first day has giving me so much and that everyday tells me he loves me and is very proud of me.

I have two amazing kids that make my life very interesting and never boring.
You all complete me !!

Life is beautiful and I am thankful for that !

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Memories of the most difficult experience in our lives.

A couple of weeks ago I was doing an intensive cleaning and reorganization of my home studio when I came upon a box with some items of my daughter Veronica's journey in the NICU when she was born.

Looking at this items brought me so many memories about the hard times we had when Veronica was born three months early with only 1 lb 11 oz of weight.
This hard times teach us so many things about life and since that day we see life in a different way.
My daughter teach us big lessons during her journey in the hospital.

I was hospitalized when I was 25 weeks pregnant because they notice I was 3 centimeters dilated and they told me I had to be in total bed rest, after a very difficult week in bed rest I had a terrible hemorrhage that put my life and my daughter's at risk so I had to have an emergency c-section.

I will never forget the face of my husband when I saw him sitting in a little corner of the room while more than 8 doctors were running and screaming.

Veronica was born in March 30, 2002 in Trenton , New Jersey.
I was not able to see her until three days later because I was recovering from my c-section.

This was Veronica's first diaper, they were so big on her!!

Veronica needed to have this tube in her nose for a long time, even though this tube was the smallest for preemies, it was still too big for Veronica.

The nurses at the NICU were always so nice and supportive to all the parents. They always make little decorations to celebrate all the progress of the babies. As you can see in this pictures, Veronica had her first tiny bottle of milk in June and she finally weighted 4 POUNDS in May.

When Veronica was a month old I was able to hold her in my arms for the first time.
I will never forget this moment, they let me have her for only 2o seconds.
The most emotional 20 seconds of my life!!

Veronica fought a lot of battles during her three months in the NICU, she got very sick but she always came back stronger. She never let it go, she was and still is a fighter.

My husband, Jorge, was my biggest support and I will always be thankful of having him in my life. We both had our moments of weakness but we knew how to lift our spirits up and keep on going.

Veronica was our best example of keep on going during bad times.

This was my picture with Veronica on Mother's Day.
She was getting better and better.

My beautiful son, Christian, was able to see his sister for the first time when she was almost two months old.

I think Veronica knew she was coming home soon, she started to smile and was very active during the day.
Finally Veronica came home in June 29, a day short of her being three months old.
All the nurses were so happy and finally they let go and cried with us but this time it was of happiness.

My parents were very important during all this time because they came to help me with my son since I was three months pregnant. They took care of him and they were a big support for my husband and me. Having them with me let me be with Veronica everyday of the three months she spend in the hospital.
I love my parents !!!

Veronica celebrated her 7th birthday this past March 30.

She is a very happy, energetic and very PERSISTENT ;-} little girl that enjoys life to the fullest.
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