Monday, January 20, 2014

Corazon Renacer , my journey.

Corazon Renacer (reborn heart) symbolizes the journey I experienced last year, the sensation of feeling scare for the unknown and what the future will be and the way how all the pain and insecurities transformed into faith and a strong will to keep moving forward.

One of the new symbolic elements that I am adding to my work is the use of the butterflies. I am using the butterflies because they embrace the will to accept transformation in the best way possible, to enjoy every minute of your life with faith and positivism, to overcome any obstacles and learn from them and focus only in the positive.

In my brooch-pendant "Corazon Renacer" I wanted to include the Milagro Hearts with the butterflies, I added a scar in the center of the big heart and all the butterflies which symbolizes any obstacle or problem that has made us stronger and that has transformed us into better people.

Corazon Renacer (brooch-pendant)
©2014 Lorena Angulo 
Bronze (Goldie Bronze)
3.18 inches by 2.85 inches by 0.33 inches

Corazon Renacer (brooch-pendant)
©2014 Lorena Angulo 
Bronze (Goldie Bronze)
3.18 inches by 2.85 inches by 0.33 inches

"We all have the power to transform pain into something good, we are the ones who decide to sit and suffer or stand up and choose to live life to the fullest no matter what. "

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Transformation of my "Corazon Renacer" necklace

I have been working on this new piece since January 1st, I noticed I am still not as productive as I used to be because is taking me longer to finished this piece but I am SUPER HAPPY to be back in my studio creating no matter what.
It all started with a bronze clay bezel I had in my work table, I looked at it and was not sure what I will do with it. I knew I will add a heart inside but the rest was still a mystery. A couple of days later I knew what I wanted and little by little this new piece is transforming to what I have know. I am again listening to my heart and following my emotions to finished creating my necklace.
Hope you enjoy some images of this journey!
Corazon Renacer
(Reborn Heart)
©2014 Lorena Angulo
I still need to add some final details and then it will be ready to go to the kiln for its final transformation!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

It all started like this.......

I started playing with metal clay in 2006, I took a class with Claire Holliday in San Antonio. Claire was my metals teacher and she mentioned to me this practically "new" material that she though I will like to play with.
To be honest, I was not very happy with it the first time, I took the class but I was confused by the material and did not continue with it after the class.

Everything changed when I took my second class with Claire again and came to the class with a more open mind. Something happen during that class that finally made me understood the incredible use I could do with this material. I was able to translate my ideas into reality, ideas that I have been holding on for a while.

I was eager to start exploring more with this material and since that date I have not stop. It was during this class that I made one of my symbolic pieces, my Flaming Milagro Heart. The heart was 4 inches tall by 3 inches wide and I sold it almost as soon as I made it. This is why I decided to make another one and it was this second heart the first piece I had published, my Flaming Heart.

©2008 Lorena Angulo
Hand sculpted in pure silver.

Photo by Dean Powell

Since that date I have been creating most of my work with metal clay although I also fabricate my work and combine metal clay with fabrication techniques too.

Another piece that has a special place in my heart is my Tree of Life, I enjoyed making them and sculpting the little birds that I always include in them. This was my first Tree of Life that I had published.

Arbol de Vida
©2009 Lorena Angulo
Pure silver and a lab Garnet
2.44 inches by 2.22 inches

I am also known for my Calaveras and one of the calaveras that I have close to my heart and where I combined the use of metal clay and soldering and riveting techniques is my Corliss Calavera.

Corliss Calavera
©2010 Lorena Angulo
Pure silver, copper and bronze

Taking a look back at how I started is a great incentive for me to keep moving forward, after having a year of almost not creating as much I used to, I am now feeling great and I am ready to start creating as much as I used to.

I am BACK !!! I can not avoid to smile when I create  another set of little birds, I have missed making them so much!

©2014 Lorena Angulo
Sterling and Peruvian Opal

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Beginnings

I am excited to start this new year and to come back stronger and healthier than ever. I have missed being creative everyday as I used to but I had to make a stop in 2013 and focus on my health and family first.
Now, I am more than ready to start creating again and eager to share my big passion for what I do.
In 2013 I embraced the symbol of the butterfly and started creating new designs with it, the butterfly will be a strong symbolic icon for me from now on because it represents my journey during my health scare last year. The butterfly is the symbol of the thyroid but it also represents faith, transformation, soul and new beginnings.

I want to wish you all the best for this new year that starts.
Thank you for being with me at all times and hope you will still keep me company during this new year!

Cheers for New Beginnings !!!!!

Mariposa Renacer
(Revival Butterfly)
©2014 Lorena Angulo
Sterling and red coral
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