Wednesday, April 28, 2010

24 Charms of Love

I am very happy to be part of the Etsy Metal Clay team with very talented artists. When I got in the team they already had organized their first charm swap and I could not participate in it. 
Finally we decided to make another charm swap and I was so happy to be able to be in it this time. 
I made 24 charms, 2 of them will go to make two bracelets that we as a team will donate to a charity.
I always knew what I wanted to make, there is nothing more "Lorena" than my hearts.

I always start with a clean canvas, as you can see the two hearts on the right are plain dry silver clay hearts waiting to became alive. My next step is to carve the pieces freehand. Every heart has different dimensions in the carving.  

In this photo I was almost finish with the carving and getting ready for the next step, more texture and a little rose on top.

 Here I have the charms just out of the tumbler.

I normally do not leave my work without a patina, I choose liver of sulfur.

The final finishing of my charms will be a surprise to my team mates. Hope you all like them !
I made them with all my love and heart for you all.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Evening with Strings.

An Evening with Strings features fifth grade strings, middle school orchestras and combined NEISD senior orchestras.

My son Christian practicing before the concert.

The talented High School Orchestras practicing.

We have been lucky to be part of this event for two years. My son Christian is part of the Orchestra at his school, Barbara Bush Middle School.
He loves to play violin and enjoys doing it. He started with strings last year when he was in 5th grade when his actual teacher in middle school, Christy Newman, went to his school to introduce the kids to the magic of music.
Christy Newman is a fantastic music teacher , she is caring and loves the kids and music.
Thanks to her and the Arts my son has found a wonderful place to be. He feels more confident and he is so happy when he plays.

Thank You Mrs. Newman for giving my son and all the kids the wonderful world of music !


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fiesta Arts Fair 2010

We as a family have been going to this beautiful event since we came to live to San Antonio, Texas. Every year the fair gets better and better, my kids really enjoy going there and making some crafts in the garden.

Fiesta Arts fair showcases the contemporary art of 119 artists from all over the country. Good friends and Artists like Ashley Akers and Kari Stringer display their gorgeous jewelry in this fair and also Stephanie Jones Rubiano with her fantastic work.
You can find great ceramics, glass, paintings, photography, jewelry, metal work and much more.
The fair is nestled in the beautiful historic Ursuline Campus at Southwest School of Art and Craft.

Children's art garden activities are so much fun ! 

I hope that one day I can be showing my work in this beautiful fair. Wish me luck !!! I will submit for next year.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A gift for Robert Ebendorf

During our workshop with Robert Ebendorf at the Southwest School of Art and Craft, Gary Schott (the metals department Chair) suggested to all the participants at the workshop to create a charm.
All the charms were used to make a necklace that we gave to Robert as a surprise thank you gift from all of us.
We all loved the idea and each one of the participants made a charm.
My charm was a little bronze clay tree of life that I attached to a copper background with a rivet and a tab.
I wanted to give Robert something that is close to my heart and that represents my work.

Robert was very surprised and overwhelmed by our gift. It was a pleasure to look at him while he was touching the charms and talking about each one of them. I was very lucky to be right next to him!

THANK YOU Robert for such an amazing experience!

Monday, April 12, 2010

My learning with Robert Ebendorf

I have been very lucky this year to have been able to take workshops with wonderful artists.
When I knew Robert Ebendorf was coming to my city, San Antonio, I was so happy.
Finally the date for the workshop came in and I spend three days with this incredible artist and person at the Southwest School of Art and Craft.
To be able to see him and his work in person was very nice. He is a very patience and sharing teacher from which we all learned a lot.

I always take all the information about the techniques and create my own interpretation with my own style.
I love to use objects that are close to my heart and this time I use two big milagro charms I had from Mexico for almost three years. With his class I knew how I could use them to create a piece of jewelry.

My first piece was an angel milagro charm, copper, brass wire and chain, pearls and glass beads.

On my second piece I used a hallow milagro charm , copper, pure silver, peridot, pearls, brass wire and one of my copper clay trees of life.

Thank You Robert Ebendorf!! 
You are an incredible artist and person!

Robert Ebendorf

I had the wonderful experience to meet Robert Ebendorf and be one of his students during a fantastic workshop this past weekend at the Southwest School of Art and Craft in San Antonio, Texas.

He was so kind and let all the students take pictures of his amazing work.
I wanted to share the photos I took during his workshop.

Enjoy the Art of Robert Ebendorf!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I confess.....

My name is Lorena and I am OBSESS with HEARTS !
Yes, I know I do not have to make this confession for you to know this, if you have been following my work you  have already notice that I make a lot of hearts.

Since I can remember, I have been in love with this wonderful shape. I like the beautiful and strong symbol this form has in my culture. Each time I see a vintage Milagro Heart my breath goes away. The feelings it brings to me are of love, compassion, health, healing, faith and passion for life.
Each heart I have created has their own identity and personality, sometimes I feel I am transmitting my big passion for what I do each time a create a piece.

I hope you will never get bored of my hearts because I will keep on going by making more and more.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Open for business !

After a long time planning to add new pieces to my Etsy Shop I finally had the time and energy to take all the pictures and added them to my shop.
I am happy to see the shop with work that really represents what I love to create.
More pieces are going to be there soon!!

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