Sunday, April 7, 2013

Thyroid Cancer: I am READY !!

It was around 11:30 am on Friday, April 5, when I was waiting in my endocrinologist office to talk about the results of my thyroid biopsy. When she got into the office and she did not have the usual smile in her face I knew something was not right; well I knew something was not right when they called me the next day I had my biopsy to tell me they needed to talk with me.
She sat next to me and asked me how I was feeling and I told her I was great. She then continue to tell me she received the results and that she had some bad news to give me, I knew then what it was. She showed me the paperwork and I saw the word, Papillary carcinoma, and I knew right there I have Thyroid cancer. She said, I am sorry Lorena they found cancer and you need to go to surgery very soon to take it out.
I am not going to lie and said I was okay, I was very confused and in shock even though I got the feeling that will be my diagnosis.
I have always been concerned with my thyroid because I noticed it looked enlarged, I always asked my doctors to check my thyroid but they only did a regular blood work and it always came back normal but this time I was not going to accept only a blood work, I asked to have a sonogram to be more sure. Thanks to this they found I have lots of nodules and one of them was more than 2 cm big. Anything that is bigger than 1 cm needs to be check out and they told me I will be having a biopsy.
I know I am blessed because this type of cancer is not as bad as any other type and I have faith it all will be okay after the surgery and future treatment.
I am writing this very personal moment because I have always been a person who likes to share my experiences, good or bad. I am very passionate about my family, my art and my life and I will go through all this with the same passion I have for all the important things in my life.
Am I scare? YES I am
Am I concerned? YES I am
I am only human and it is normal I feel like this, mostly because of my kids and my husband but I know it all will be OKAY.

                             Thyroid Cancer, I am READY to say Good Bye to you very soon !!!!!

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