Sunday, September 26, 2010

The journey is complete

I started to create this new piece almost 5 days ago. I knew this new journey will give me a lot of satisfaction since I draw my design.

My first drawing is just an idea of what I want to create. When I am in the process of making the piece and I start to see how it is developing, some changes are made to better fit my idea and what I want to transmit when I create my work.

 My first idea in making my pure silver heart was to make it 
flat and attach it with two rivets.
At the end I decided to make a dimensional silver heart with a flower, I made the flames of the heart with brass and on the back of the heart I hand formed a rose that will have a big place on my back design of the piece.

 I am very happy with how the piece looks. 
It really transmits my passion for what I do.

I always make something on the back of my pieces, I think the back is as important as the front. When I hand sculpted the rose on the back inside of my heart, I knew I will saw out a little window on my copper for the rose to show up.
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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Southwest School of Art and Craft 2010 Gala in the Garden

I am very happy to be part of the group of artists that are participating this year at the 2010 Gala in the Garden in Southwest School of Art and Craft.
This wonderful event is organized every year at the Southwest School of Art and Craft featuring many works of art for sale donated in support of the school by noted local, regional and national artists.

My "MILAGRO HEART" will be for sale during the gala.

I am honored to participate in this gala because this is the school were I started my learning in metals. It was in this beautiful school were I found my real passion in life, next to my family.

The art sale preview will be held on Wednesday, October 6 2010. The Gala in the Garden will be on Thursday, October 7 2010 from 6:30 to 11:00 pm. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RAD Pack number 6

Yesterday when I opened my sixth RAD pack, I found this little white tile with a Fleur-de-lys. The symbol in the tile was my inspiration to create my ring.

I used PMC3 (Pure silver metal clay and a LAB made Ruby to create my ring and I am very happy with the final result.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

RAD pack number 5

Today I opened my fifth RAD pack and found this beautiful small coin.

I immediately knew what to do with it. 
I remember when I took my class with Bob Ebendorf  that I wanted to make something with a coin using the techniques I learned from him. This was the perfect opportunity !

 Here you have it !
My coin has a crown now, I think she need it one ! ;D
Hope you like it.

The Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2011

I have been honored to be included again in this wonderful calendar by Holly Gage.
41 Artists from around the world will be featuring their work in this beautiful calendar that represents Today's most innovative Metal Clay artists. 
The selection process was done by Holly Gage with the help of Robert Dancik, Julia Rai, Lisa Cain and Holly's apprentice Erin Meharg.
The calendar will be release at the end of October 2010.
A wonderful Christmas present idea !!! ;D

RAD Pack number 3 and 4

Inside my RAD Pack number 3, I found this turquoise cabochon.

I wanted to set the stone in my metal clay ring.
This is something I have never done in metal clay, usually my work has so much detail and textures that I rarely use stones in it.
 Although I like my design, I made some mistakes in my setting and I am not very happy with the ring at the end. I will make it again and take all my mistakes as a good learning opportunity.

On my fourth RAD pack I found a gold granulated cabochon.

 I have on my work bench a piece of bronze and got the idea of putting the ring together using this piece. I used my bronze clay piece with brass wire and my cabochon.

Friday, September 17, 2010

RAD Pack number 2

This fantastic slice of a walnut was inside my second RAD pack I opened yesterday.
 I had 24 hours to make my ring but as soon as I saw this walnut slice I new what to do with it.

 I love the use of bright colors and I decided to used red coral, turquoise, brass wire, brass and a copper rivet to put my ring together

Thursday, September 16, 2010

RAD Pack number 1

This was inside my first RAD Pack that I opened.
A beautiful yellow felt bead

This is what I made with it to create a ring.
I used copper, red coral, glass beads, green thread and a copper rivet.

Mysterious package....

Yesterday I received a mysterious package that really lift up my spirit !
I have been sick for almost a week and have been very sad because I have not been able to make anything. When I saw this little package, I knew I will be very  curious to find out what was about.
When I opened it I saw 15 little packages with a letter inside.
The letter was from a wonderful artist, Sara Westermark .
She is one of the artist that is doing the "Ring a Day" project in Flickr.
I admire her work and I love to see the rings she has made during this year.
I am part of the second group that received this RAD Pack and I am happy to be included in it.

The rules for this game are:

1- If you open a package, you have to use it, or use it for inspiration and make a ring within 24 hours.
2- NO PEEKING ! (folding counts as peeking.)

Well !!!!!!!
I am the MOST curious person of this planet and my husband is worse than me!!! He told me, "lets do it!!!" 
YES !!!! He help me take a little package out and I opened it as fast as I could.

This is what I found inside my first package. I beautiful yellow (love this color) felt egg shape bead.

I have 24 hours to create a ring..........My ideas are flying !!!

Thanks Sara !!!!!! You gave me a great motivation to help me feel better and more energize, after being sick for so long.

To create I go !!!!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

One more night !

One more night for finishing more pieces for Texas Metal Arts Festival  this weekend in Gruene, Texas.
As my friend Ashley Akers mention in her blog post Tonight, this is my first time doing this show.
I am very happy to be in this show with so many talented artists, like my friend Ashley Akers.

 My studio is a little messy right now but I am happy creating my work !

Come and visit us, we will love to see you there !!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Bird's Journey

A couple of nights ago, I got the crazy idea of sculpting a tiny bird with silver metal clay.
My first intention was to make some earrings with the tiny bird, so I made more than one.
It was a challenge because of the size but I managed to made them and I liked them.

My tiny sculpted metal clay bird.

After finishing more details with my bird, 
I was not sure anymore about making earrings with them. 
They were still too tiny and after firing them and the shrinkage, 
they will be smaller.

I found the best new home for my little bird !
I made a ring with it and I was very pleased with the outcome.

 This is my new ring design with my tiny bird and some flowers around it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Night-time creativity

I do not know what is it, but night-time is the best time for me to create.
I am in complete peace and the time seems to go very fast.
I know I am not the only one who does this!
How many of you do this and why ?

My production so far....

Did I scare you???? 
Sorry but at this time of the day I am not the best looking person.

And when I think I have enough, I get crazy ideas and start making them !!
This tiny bird is one of them and I have to be honest, I almost quit when I was trying to add his bill(beak).
But here it is and I am not sure I will make more. :D Well I have to make three more...but that is it!!!

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