Sunday, September 26, 2010

The journey is complete

I started to create this new piece almost 5 days ago. I knew this new journey will give me a lot of satisfaction since I draw my design.

My first drawing is just an idea of what I want to create. When I am in the process of making the piece and I start to see how it is developing, some changes are made to better fit my idea and what I want to transmit when I create my work.

 My first idea in making my pure silver heart was to make it 
flat and attach it with two rivets.
At the end I decided to make a dimensional silver heart with a flower, I made the flames of the heart with brass and on the back of the heart I hand formed a rose that will have a big place on my back design of the piece.

 I am very happy with how the piece looks. 
It really transmits my passion for what I do.

I always make something on the back of my pieces, I think the back is as important as the front. When I hand sculpted the rose on the back inside of my heart, I knew I will saw out a little window on my copper for the rose to show up.
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  1. wow! its spectacular! loved seeing the progression from drawing to completion :)

  2. WOW!!!! I love it, Lorena! You must be pleased with this one!!!

  3. Thank You !! ;D
    Yes, I am very happy with this piece.

  4. It's interesting seeing the progression of this wonderful work. It has so much detail. I thought it was lots bigger until I saw the shot on your hand. I love the way you finish the back. It's like "secret beauty or treasure."

  5. I just love all the stamping and how the rays that came out from the bottom curl back up and over the piece.

  6. Esta pieza es una obra de arte para la historia!!

  7. Wonderful work! Beautifully presented. I will definitely be back. Best to you!:)

  8. Wahhh! This is so freaking awesome! Thanks for sharing your process with us. I'm in awe of your talent.

  9. Thank You for visiting my blog, Amy !!


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