Saturday, October 2, 2010

Love and tolerance

I am sad Today to know of another kid being a victim of bullies.

I just can not understand why some kids can be so rude and hurt so much other kids just because they "are" different.

We as parents have to educate our kids to love and respect everyone without any judgment.
Tolerance has to be embraced by anyone, taking time to really know each other.
My wonderful son has been a victim of bullies since he was in elementary school because he has been considered by some kids to be strange or different. My son is very smart, but this does not mean he is "different".

The bullying has caused him a lot of pain and his self-esteem was affected.

We have given him a lot of love and help, to make him recover from all this and even though he is much better, sometimes he can not take it any more. I am always close to my son and talk a lot to him to reinforce how much he is loved and what a GREAT kid he is.

Please, lets all teach LOVE, RESPECT and TOLERANCE.

I want to share a poem my son wrote when he was 9 years old.

by Christian Amodio

Just because I'm smart
don't treat me different
don't call me names
Still, I am the same as you.

Just because I'm Smart
It doesn't mean I am a nerd
It doesn't mean you can be mean to me
It doesn't mean I am better or wise
Still ask me, because I may play with you.

Just because I'm smart
I am not better
I'm not worse
Just because I am smart....
I am the same AS YOU.


  1. Oh Lorena... when did it become bad to be smart? I was (believe it or not) one of the smart kids in school(s) - and so were many of my friends. We were in the 'advanced' classes and that was good special! Not bad. It saddens me that the 'dumbing down' of the schools that I've seen in some areas of the US is causing the 'smart' kids to become the exception rather than the rule it use to be.

    Hugs to your son and I hope that he knows that when he grows up he will be one of the leaders of our country and through what he's learned now he'll be a better leader than most because he's seen what meanness can do.

    Ug I'm rambling but know that I'm sad like you and send HUGS and wet kitty nose kisses from my boys!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  2. I'm so sorry that your son and his parents have had such pain. Your son can't know how blessed he is until he is older, but he does know he's loved. I think this lesson in tolerance and love could well be learned by adults as well. Think what the world could accomplish if it were do.
    Hugs to you.

  3. I was on the metal clay today blog which is how I found yours. My daughter who I adopted from China has known she is different from the beginning. My son also is smart and has been teased by being different in alot of ways. (not into sports, etc..) To teach tolerance is to teach excepting others limitations. In teaching that, children I believe will be stronger within themselves, knowing whatever form of teasing done to them is not about them, but the one acting in that way. To teach tolerance is having compassion and forgiveness. There needs to be a 101 class in school on that! The world be happier indeed...

  4. Thank You Cindy and Janet !! <3

    Deborah: Thank you for reading my blog.
    I agree with you and I am sorry that you have been in this situation with your beautiful kids. I know how painful is to see your kids hurt. All my love for you and your family!
    My son is not into sports either, he plays the violin.

  5. Lorena, I am so saddened to hear that you son is a victim of bullies. It just is not acceptable on any level. I think that parents should teach their children acceptance of all differences and that the schools should be doing more and taking a hard stance. The best would be not to see differences at all. Just the inner beauty of the individual. Hugs to your son. The violin is my favorite instrument and he can play for me anytime! Hugs to you as well.

  6. My daughter, Stevie, (the one I visit in Houston) was a VERY smart, loving, kind, mature child (like your son) and she suffered because of it. . .I'm proud to say she is all grown up - so beautifully - and is probably more compassionate because of it. It was very hard for me, too, and did require me to give a lot of extra love and support and encouragement to her. It was worth it, too! God bless you both. It's just not FAIR!

  7. Lorena,
    I suspect I will be in your position at some point. We have a bright fellow. He just started first grade at a public school this year. I admire the way you are handling this and sincerely hope you all can get through it and learn from it as a family.

  8. Thank You Molli, Carol and Joan !

    Joan: Your son will be great and I am sure he has the best support system at home. Sadly the problem with bullies is not only in public schools.

  9. Bravo Lore...well said...I definitely agree. Your son sounds like a very special guy and lucky to have a mom like you.


  10. I'm so sorry to hear this, Lorena. You're a good mom...keep him close and keep him talking. We had an eighth grader commit suicide here because he was bullied. It was at a school right around the corner from my house...the school my kids would go to if they were in Jr. High...the school my neighbors kids go to. Very, very sad...tragic. I think the thing that many kids are not being taught is kindness. Matters of God and the soul are neglected and when that happens, we end up self centered.

  11. Dear Deryn,
    I am sad to know about this kid's suicide.
    I can not imagine how his family must be. I think that kindness is such an important part in the formation of any good soul.


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