Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Oaxaca bronze pot is the cover of Fusion !

I am honored to be featured in the cover of Fusion (The Journal of the International PMC Guild) with my "Oaxaca pot". This great journal is always full of information and news about the metal clay community.

There is a great article about Bronze Clay and Margaret Schindel gives a lot of information about how to work with this type of metal clay.

Fusion also announced the Jurors for the Guild Annual 5. I have the honor to be one of the four jurors for this years PMC Annual. The other jurors are Bob Ebendorf, Celie Fago and Kelly Russell

Click the image to see it bigger

Click the image to see it bigger

The submission deadline for the PMC Guild Annual 5 is May 16. I will be very happy to see all the amazing work by artist from around the world.

Good luck to everyone !

Monday, April 25, 2011

Finally my studio is organized.

After having my studio get into a disaster area for a couple of months, I just could not see it this way and decided it was time for me to be brave an conquer the mess I created.
Disaster area before the cleaning up therapy !

It is incredible how fast things can get out of control and I have to admit I am not proud of this at all. I have been very busy and even though I was not happy with the way my studio looked I just did not have the energy or time to clean it up. My studio space is not very big but I make the best use of it and I enjoyed having it inside my home where I can be close to my kids and husband all the time.

After a couple of days of reorganizing and cleaning I finally finish and I am ready to enjoy and work in my studio again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NEISD Evening with Strings- Barbara Bush Middle School Orchestra

Yesterday we had a great concert with all the kids of the NEISD. Fifth grade, Middle Schools and High Schools orchestras were reunited for the Annual Evening with Strings Concert. This is the third time our son plays his violin and we always enjoy listening to all these talented kids.
I am a big believer that arts and music teach kids creativity, responsibility and help them get better grades in their classes. 
My son started playing the violin in Fifth grade and every year he enjoys it even more. It is incredible to see him practice at home and how excited he gets in all his concerts and competitions. The kids at his school, Barbara Bush Middle School, are very lucky to have such an incredible teacher like Mrs. Newman. She is passionate about teaching and the kids love her!
My son Christian getting ready for the concert.
My beautiful daughter Veronica and me enjoying the concert.

You can listen to my son's school performance in this link.

Great job to all the kids !!! We are very proud !!

What a MESS !!

I feel terrible to see my studio in such a mess !!! I have been so busy with so many projects and preparing for shows that I have neglected my studio a lot !!!
I can not believe I can create in this space with so many things around me! I am ashame of myself for letting this get to the condition that it is right now. When I make the effort to clean it up I want to do so many things at the same time that I end up not doing anything. ;o)
 Look at this !! On top of my already messy place I just got yesterday a big box with my jewelry boxes I ordered for my coming up shows.
This is only one side of the mess ;o) and as you can see there is not space in my two big tables !!! I have books everywhere, papers, beads and much more.

I will CLEAN up this studio this week ! I promise to myself I will do it and I will!
Now, to be able to do that I have to stop writing in my blog and get out of the computer !! ;o)

Have a super great day my friends !!!!

* Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere !! * ;o)

Monday, April 18, 2011

500 Silver Jewelry Designs

I just received another fantastic book from the 500 series by Lark Jewelry & Beading. This time is 500 Silver Jewelry Designs: The Powerful Allure of a Precious Metal (500 Series).

Marthe Le Van is the editor of this incredible book, the selection of the pieces were juror by Talya Baharal.  Baharal is a full time studio jeweler and sculptor. In 2007 she received a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Grant in Crafts. Her work has been featured in severals books and magazines.

The book has stunning work from 260 very talented artists from around the world. Every piece is unique and I am sure it will inspired you a lot. I was very happy to see the many faces silver can have. You do not need a lot of extra materials to really make this wonderful metal came to life. The work featured in the book represents the many faces each artists created by just using silver as their main material. 

Here you have some examples of the diversity in the work represented in this fantastic book.
Fabiana Gadano
Refugios II Bracelet - 2008
Sterling silver, constructed
photo by: Pablo Mehanna

Nora Rochel
The Secret Garden I - 2009
Sterling silver; wax modeled, cast.
photo by: Sebastian Lang

Vina Rust
Easter Cottonwood Defense - 2008
Sterling silver, 14-karat gold, LOS patina; hand fabricated, oxidized.
photo by: Doug Yaple

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lorena Angulo's photostream

Repujado (Metal embossing)Repujado (Metal embossing)Repujado (Metal embossing)14/52 Bird a WeekMy FIRST ever practice on sawing and soldering.My Creative Paper Clay creations.
15/52 Ring a Week15/52 Ring a Week15/52 Ring a Week & 13/52 Bird a WeekArbol de Vida (WIP)My homeVeronica's Corazones
Veronica ArtVeronicaFiesta Arts Fair 2011Mis amoresVeronica having fun during Fiesta Arts fair 2011.Veronica having fun during Fiesta Arts fair 2011.
Fiesta Arts Fair 2011Fiesta Arts Fair 2011Playing with clay at the Children's Art garden.Playing with clay at the Children's Art garden.Fiesta Arts Fair 2011Veronica making a metal embossing card. She loves it!!

Repujado is back in my life.

I self taught myself to create pieces with the "Repujado" technique. Repujado is the craft of pushing a relief three dimensional in metal to give it an embossed look.  I really enjoyed doing it but it is almost 5 years that I stop working with this technique at all. Today I saw my tools and metals for "repujado" and I just wanted to play again with it.
These pieces will be transformed into necklaces very soon ;o) !!

I wish one day I can meet a wonderful Mexican artists, Rocio Heredia,whose work I have admired for a long time. She is an incredible artists and more incredible person and friend. 

Do you have a technique that you have self taught yourself ? Which one is it?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

New Directions: Powder Metallurgy (Metal Clay) in a Sheet Metal World Part 1

Bird's Nest
©2010 Lorena Angulo
PMC3 and LOS patina

I have the honor to be part of this wonderful online exhibition at Crafthaus showing the work of many talented artists in metal clay. New Directions: Powder Metallurgy (metal clay) in a sheet Metal World was organized by Susan Breen Silvy and Christine Norton. The invitation was to submit work made with any type of metal clay and have a selected group of jurors choose what they think is the best work representing this wonderful medium. The talented jurors for this exhibition were: Ann Davis , Jeannette Froese LeBlanc (Founder-Publisher and Editor in Chief of Metal Clay Artist Magazine) and Gwynne Rukenbrod (Director of HandMade in America.)
A lot of artists submitted images for this great event and the final selection was done. The exhibition will be shown in two parts.
A print exhibition of the entire Powder Metallurgy exhibition will be on view at the Metal Clay World Conference in Chicago on July 14-17, 2011.
An expanded collection of images will be part of a wonderful catalog titled, New Directions: Powder Metallurgy (Metal Clay) in a sheet Metal Clay World, this catalog will be released at the Metal Clay World Conference in July, 2011. Sales of these catalogs will be donated to CERF+.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My creative kids.

I am blessed to have two gorgeous kids, Christian (12) and Veronica (9). Christian is such a sweet boy and has always been very creative. He is smart and loves to read and write stories and poems. He was never good at sports but why do we think boys need to be good at sports. ;o)   He is sensitive and loving, likes to play the violin and he is in the Honors Club at school. He is unique and I love to see him flourish in what he likes. He is also a great cheerleader of my work and always gives me lots of hugs and tells me he is proud of me. It warms my heart to heard him said that, I am also VERY proud of him.

Veronica is also a very creative and smart girl and is always active and smiling. She writes songs and sings all the time !!
She says she will love to play the drums one day. She also enjoys creating art pieces and is always sneaking into my studio to see me work. Do you think I have influenced her in any way ??
Her first bronze jewelry designs.
I am very proud of my two kids and I will always support them in all they want to do and create. Involving the kids in the arts is important to me and I am very sure it will help them in a lot of different ways.
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