Sunday, April 3, 2011

How I met my first client.

I am  going to have a show next week for three days at a wonderful shop, Kathleen Sommers, here in San Antonio.

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Kathleen Sommers has a special place in my heart because she was my first client. She knew I was just starting and I did not have a clue about the business part, but she embraced me with a lot of love and guided me since then. I listen to her and took all her suggestions as a positive feedback to learn.
She is a wonderful business women and designer, her shop has been open for more than 30 years here in San Antonio and that tells a lot about her. She is always supporting the local artists.

Do you remember your first client? Do you still have contact with her/him?
How did you started selling your work?

In my case I always wear my jewelry and one day I visited her shop without even knowing that Kathleen was in the shop. They noticed the pendant I was wearing and told me they like it and asked me who the artist was. I was not expecting that to happen and I told them the artist was me. At that moment I was just one more student in Southwest School of Art and I never imagined that a simple visit to her shop will change my life, and from being a student I became an artist in just a second. I was asked if I was selling my work and I told them Yes!! I was very confident even though inside I was freaking out !! But my motto is always to take opportunities as they show up in front of you.  I knew this will be a great opportunity to really see if what I was doing was good or not. I knew I will have a great interview with Kathleen Sommers and I she will tell me the honest truth. 
My appointment went FANTASTIC and Kathleen took pieces of my work for the shop and invited me to have a trunk show in her shop during May. I was going to have my FIRST trunk show ever,she gave me good advice and I took everyone with a lot of gratitude.
The funny thing was that I had no clue what a "Trunk Show" was!!! English is not my first language and I have never heard of that expression. I was thinking what type of show is that??? Trunk???? Ohhh well I already said yes so I will find out later. ;o)
Of course I find out later what it meant and I laughed a lot for my confusion. Since then I have been doing one or two trunk shows per year with her and always remember my first show and interview with Kathleen Sommers.


  1. Lorena, I don't recall the first person that ever bought my art, but I do recall the first time I did a sign in caligraphy for my conmadre's mother. Her mother was showcasing a Mexican painter at a show and wanted a big, highly decorated sign, so she asked me since I had taken caligrapy classes that suumer. I bought a paper cutter with that money!! How funny that I remember that...still have that paper cutter too!! LOL

    Your work is just "fantabulous!" Have a great show.


  2. Gracias Georgina !!! ;o)
    Thanks for sharing your story with us !!


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