Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fiesta Arts Fair 2011

After having three wonderful days in my trunk show at Kathleen Sommers, we decided to spend our Sunday as a family fun trip to the Fiesta Arts Fair at Southwest School of Art.
This wonderful event takes place every year in the beautiful Ursuline Campus at Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas. I love to take my kids to this fair and they always had a great time.

Fiesta Arts Fair showcases the work of more than 100 artists from around the nation. This amazing fair has something for everyone in the family; music, great food, amazing art and for the kids a wonderful Art garden where they can create their own art pieces.

I hope one day I can be showcasing my work here, it will be a great experience to do it in the setting of the school where I learned to play with metals and where I found my wings by making what I am passionate about.

 My big loves, Christian and Veronica.
Veronica having a great time with these great characters !  Veronica is wearing a perfect shirt for her, "I get an A+ in Talking."
Children's Art Garden

Playing with clay with my beautiful daughter Veronica.
Veronica creating a metal embossing card. 
She really likes to do this technique.
The Gorgeous Ursuline Campus at Southwest School of Art.


  1. What a fun day! Lorena, I can't help but noticing how gorgeous you are!!! You look like Salma Hayek :-)

  2. Thank You Maria !!!
    You made my day !! ;o)
    When I was thinner I was told very often I looked like Salma a lot.

  3. Wish I could have been HERE with you. I'd love to have been at your trunk too, but I bet you had such a fun day with your family, looking at all the gorgeous art and playing in clay.

  4. p.s. Thinner Schminner!!! You're gorgeous just the way you are. Salma only wishes SHE looked more like YOU!

  5. Thank You my dear friends !!! :o)
    Yes, it was a gorgeous event and I love to take my kids every year.


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