Monday, April 25, 2011

Finally my studio is organized.

After having my studio get into a disaster area for a couple of months, I just could not see it this way and decided it was time for me to be brave an conquer the mess I created.
Disaster area before the cleaning up therapy !

It is incredible how fast things can get out of control and I have to admit I am not proud of this at all. I have been very busy and even though I was not happy with the way my studio looked I just did not have the energy or time to clean it up. My studio space is not very big but I make the best use of it and I enjoyed having it inside my home where I can be close to my kids and husband all the time.

After a couple of days of reorganizing and cleaning I finally finish and I am ready to enjoy and work in my studio again.


  1. WoW!!... mine has never looked that good!!

  2. Mine neither !!!! ;o)
    I hope it will last a little longer than the last time my husband clean it up.
    Well, I am working and creating already but I am trying to put everything back where it belongs when I finished.

  3. it looks pretty well organized, nice job!

  4. Dear Lorena, thank you for your reply to my comment and the adding to my blog! I am a big fan of your work!
    I am a potter and a metalsmith. I like to mix clay (stonewear and porcelain) with silver and copper. I already tried silver pmc but I like forging the silver and the copper. I have to say that my husband is my big hellper because he does the heavy work and he is such a good cleanner of my studio, too... But I use to say that the studio is a working place and not a museum...

    All good for you and your family

  5. it looks awesome!

  6. Thanks You my friends !!!

    Maria: I will love to see your work !!! ;o)


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