Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NEISD Evening with Strings- Barbara Bush Middle School Orchestra

Yesterday we had a great concert with all the kids of the NEISD. Fifth grade, Middle Schools and High Schools orchestras were reunited for the Annual Evening with Strings Concert. This is the third time our son plays his violin and we always enjoy listening to all these talented kids.
I am a big believer that arts and music teach kids creativity, responsibility and help them get better grades in their classes. 
My son started playing the violin in Fifth grade and every year he enjoys it even more. It is incredible to see him practice at home and how excited he gets in all his concerts and competitions. The kids at his school, Barbara Bush Middle School, are very lucky to have such an incredible teacher like Mrs. Newman. She is passionate about teaching and the kids love her!
My son Christian getting ready for the concert.
My beautiful daughter Veronica and me enjoying the concert.

You can listen to my son's school performance in this link.

Great job to all the kids !!! We are very proud !!


  1. Aw. I miss concert time and agree completely that arts and music teach kids creativity and responsibility.

    Also; nah, not too much red for me ;) I think it's pretty.

  2. Thank You !!! ;o)

    Yes, It is amazing to see these wonderful kids play in the concerts. It warms my heart every time I see my son do it.


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