Sunday, April 17, 2011

Repujado is back in my life.

I self taught myself to create pieces with the "Repujado" technique. Repujado is the craft of pushing a relief three dimensional in metal to give it an embossed look.  I really enjoyed doing it but it is almost 5 years that I stop working with this technique at all. Today I saw my tools and metals for "repujado" and I just wanted to play again with it.
These pieces will be transformed into necklaces very soon ;o) !!

I wish one day I can meet a wonderful Mexican artists, Rocio Heredia,whose work I have admired for a long time. She is an incredible artists and more incredible person and friend. 

Do you have a technique that you have self taught yourself ? Which one is it?


  1. It looks very much like chasing, probably is, just different language. What do you use to "hold" the metal as you work it?

  2. Hola Laura, ;o)
    Yes, it looks very similar to chasing but with repujado we work with very thin metal and we do not need the hammers and chasing tools. I just lay my design in the metal and use a mouse pad to emboss it and then turn the piece to a firm surface like a glass or tile to work the other side of the piece.

  3. oh oh oh!....I have met Rocio!....she is INCREDIBLE!...and , did you know that her eyesight is far from 100%....and this amazing work! I love it too!

  4. I agree with you Kerin !!
    I have not been able to meet her yet but I hoipe that will happen soon. I am lucky to have been friends with her in FB and she is such a nice person.


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