Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Etsy Metal Clay Charms Swap are here!!!

Finally ! I have all the charms with me and they all are beautiful.
Thanks to all my team mates from Etsy Metal Clay Team who participated in the swap this year.
I love how the bracelet looks and I will wear it with pride and love for all of you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Art in the Garden

Today I woke up at 6 am to start getting ready for a show. I was very excited because it was going to be my first show outdoors and the place is so beautiful.
I was fortunate to be part of this art show with some other wonderful artists from the area. The location of the event was a beautiful nursery here in San Antonio, Texas called "Shades of Green."
Since I met Roberta Churchin and all the people that works in there I knew the show will be a great experience, they were so nice to me all the time.
The show was great and I met wonderful artists and people.
Thank You Roberta, Donna and all the people that works at Shades of Green for such a wonderful event.

If you live in the area you have to go visit this wonderful nursery.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hadar Jacobson's Workshop

I'm a big admirer of Hadar Jacobson's magnificent work in metal clay. She has a unique and wonderful style that it's very inspiring.

I always knew one day I will meet her and see her work in person and that day became reality this past weekend. She came to San Antonio, Texas to teach a workshop and I signed up for it as soon as I found out.

Her work is beautiful and I was so excited to see it !  The craftsmanship and artistic style in her pieces is fantastic and she is a very sweet and kind person. Listening to her talk about her big passion for metal clays and all the experimentation she has done and continues to do, was the best part of the class.

The first project we did was to create a piece with her copper clay leaving in our designs little holes that we will  use after the piece was fired to add our silver clay details like as if we were doing a rivet. This technique is called hot riveting because we fired the silver clay with a torch into our copper piece that was already fired in the kiln.

I really like this technique but after I fired both clays I did notice my silver pieces will be to heavy for my earrings. I have a better understanding now, next time I will put together a better proportioned piece.
In this photo you can see the front and back side of the earring. I hand carved the copper clay piece first, and hand formed and carved the tree trunk and leaves. This copper piece was fired in the kiln and after that we cleaned it and started to add the silver. I hand formed the bird and flowers letting them dry, then I added fresh silver clay into the holes of  the copper background to start creating the rivet,  and then added the dried silver pieces with their back parts pressing them in between the fresh clay in the holes.

Our last project was to inlay bronze clay with copper clay. In this technique we fired the two clays at the same time in the kiln.  

I really enjoyed the class and learning how to finish up the pieces. I usually do not use this type of finishing in my work and it was very interesting to see how she does it.

It was great to meet new friends and see old friends again during this weekend.
I was specially happy to see Vickie Hallmark, she is such a fantastic artist and person.
Love you Vickie !! You are such a strong woman !


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally I got MOO

I have been trying different printing service companies for a while but I have never been happy with the quality of the business cards or postcards. The paper was not the best and the images seems to fade with time.

Finally !!! I found a great company that offers amazing quality and service. I knew about MOO when I open my account with Flickr and decided to give MOO a try.
Making the order was easy and they give you the option to add more than one image to the order. You can add up to 50 images. The cards are full color and print in both sides.

These are the MOO Minis, they are so cute and practical.

These are the business cards. They have the option of ordering them in Classic Paper or Green paper. Mine are Green paper and they are a little more matte finish than the classic but still very nice quality.

I am very happy with this cards and I will definitely recommend it to anyone that wants good quality and service.

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