Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally I got MOO

I have been trying different printing service companies for a while but I have never been happy with the quality of the business cards or postcards. The paper was not the best and the images seems to fade with time.

Finally !!! I found a great company that offers amazing quality and service. I knew about MOO when I open my account with Flickr and decided to give MOO a try.
Making the order was easy and they give you the option to add more than one image to the order. You can add up to 50 images. The cards are full color and print in both sides.

These are the MOO Minis, they are so cute and practical.

These are the business cards. They have the option of ordering them in Classic Paper or Green paper. Mine are Green paper and they are a little more matte finish than the classic but still very nice quality.

I am very happy with this cards and I will definitely recommend it to anyone that wants good quality and service.


  1. They're gorgeous, Lore! I heart Moo, too :)

  2. WOW - Those are stunning (not just the cards but the creations on them too)
    Nic xx

  3. Beautiful cards, Lore! I'll have to look into Moo, too!

  4. Those are gorgeous! I wanna trade! How do you like the print quality of the green cards?

  5. Thank You girls ;-) !!

    Elizabeth and Bev : You have to try them, you will love them.

  6. Lora: I will trade ;-)
    The green is not bad, the images look great but I can definitely see the difference. The minis have a glow in the image that the green paper does not have. Next time I will order only the classic.

  7. I love Moo, i get my cards from them and they are such great quality, and your cards look lovely,x

  8. Those are beautiful! You've inspired me to order : )

  9. Oh, Lorena...your moo cards turned out fabulous. I am not surprised as your art is outstanding. I truly admire your fine metal clay skills. Bravo!

  10. Thank You Eve, Karen and Diana !! ;-)

  11. gosh, Lorena, these are so gorgeous it makes me want to collect them! :)


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