Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My creative kids.

I am blessed to have two gorgeous kids, Christian (12) and Veronica (9). Christian is such a sweet boy and has always been very creative. He is smart and loves to read and write stories and poems. He was never good at sports but why do we think boys need to be good at sports. ;o)   He is sensitive and loving, likes to play the violin and he is in the Honors Club at school. He is unique and I love to see him flourish in what he likes. He is also a great cheerleader of my work and always gives me lots of hugs and tells me he is proud of me. It warms my heart to heard him said that, I am also VERY proud of him.

Veronica is also a very creative and smart girl and is always active and smiling. She writes songs and sings all the time !!
She says she will love to play the drums one day. She also enjoys creating art pieces and is always sneaking into my studio to see me work. Do you think I have influenced her in any way ??
Her first bronze jewelry designs.
I am very proud of my two kids and I will always support them in all they want to do and create. Involving the kids in the arts is important to me and I am very sure it will help them in a lot of different ways.


  1. Great age. Of course they are talented, they're your kids. Dios los bendiga.

  2. such a touching post ... and i think they are SO special because they have learned about life and love from YOU!!!


  3. Thank You Norma and Laurie ;o).
    I enjoy seeing my kids involve in any type of art form.

  4. Hi Lorena ~

    Your children are beautiful, and so fortunate to have a loving, creative mother who exposes them to the world of art. I think with that kind of love, support and influence, children grow into confident, creative adults who find and do in life what they love and what makes them happiest. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Thank You Susan !
    I enjoy seeing my kids involve in the arts. I am a true believer that it gives them so much richness to their lives.


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