Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mysterious package....

Yesterday I received a mysterious package that really lift up my spirit !
I have been sick for almost a week and have been very sad because I have not been able to make anything. When I saw this little package, I knew I will be very  curious to find out what was about.
When I opened it I saw 15 little packages with a letter inside.
The letter was from a wonderful artist, Sara Westermark .
She is one of the artist that is doing the "Ring a Day" project in Flickr.
I admire her work and I love to see the rings she has made during this year.
I am part of the second group that received this RAD Pack and I am happy to be included in it.

The rules for this game are:

1- If you open a package, you have to use it, or use it for inspiration and make a ring within 24 hours.
2- NO PEEKING ! (folding counts as peeking.)

Well !!!!!!!
I am the MOST curious person of this planet and my husband is worse than me!!! He told me, "lets do it!!!" 
YES !!!! He help me take a little package out and I opened it as fast as I could.

This is what I found inside my first package. I beautiful yellow (love this color) felt egg shape bead.

I have 24 hours to create a ring..........My ideas are flying !!!

Thanks Sara !!!!!! You gave me a great motivation to help me feel better and more energize, after being sick for so long.

To create I go !!!!!!


  1. Ooh, wonder if I got one of those too. I have an idea already!

  2. ;D
    I can totally see this felt bead in one of your creations!!!

  3. fantastic idea building project! love the ring you made for your first little package :)


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