Sunday, April 4, 2010

Open for business !

After a long time planning to add new pieces to my Etsy Shop I finally had the time and energy to take all the pictures and added them to my shop.
I am happy to see the shop with work that really represents what I love to create.
More pieces are going to be there soon!!


  1. Good for you Lorena! Congratulations!!! I just opened my shop as well, but with only ONE listing! Good job. Happy Easter. Riki

  2. Thank You Riki !!!!
    I saw your beautiful cuff !!!
    Happy Easter !

  3. Wow Lorena! Love your etsy shop!! That's lots of work (just getting the pictures taken). I know you will do well!! Hope to see you again soon.
    Lisa Monroe

  4. Having a long neglected shop of my own, I know how much work this represents. Congratulations! Magnificent work!

  5. Congratulations Lore! You are an amazing artist & I was so glad to meet you & have breakfast sooo many mornings at ADORN ME! I know your shop will do well because you have such a GIFT! I will check back soon. HUGS! Charlene


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