Friday, January 7, 2011

Why I love creating my work.

It is 2:36 a.m. and I am still working in my studio. I have been working like this for more than a week already and even though I feel tired, there is always something that keeps me motivated to keep on going.

I am overwhelm by something I saw posted in Facebook just a couple of minutes ago. I got into my profile to look for something and to my surprise I noticed a post by a wonderful artist and someone that I admire a lot, Angela B. Crispin

Angela wrote in her blog about a piece of jewelry she got from me a couple of months ago.
She was cheering me up during my design process of this piece and when it was finally done, she send me an email telling me she wanted to have it.  The symbol of my piece was close to her heart and I was more than happy and honor to know she will own it.
©2011 Lorena Angulo
This piece is close to my heart too. It symbolizes my big love and passion for what I do. The hand is a strong symbol of labor, craft and work but also symbolizes friendship, kindness and healing. The wings are the freedom to do what I am passionate about.

Angela, thank you for you beautiful post.
Moments like this make me keep on working and creating pieces that come from my heart.
Merci beaucoup Angela !!



  1. How lovely! I'm so happy Angela has it too. It's lovely piece with a lovely meaning behind it. I know she can use the friendly hands and the wings of freedom right now. ;D

  2. This is absolutley lovely, Lorena!

  3. Thank You !!
    Yes, I am happy Angela has it too! ;D

  4. Hey,how sweet ! I just ran into your post by total chance ! Thanks so much, Lorena. And now I get to read your blog too ! o:-) Lovely


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