Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bird a Week # 2

©2011 Lorena Angulo

For my second bird of the 52 I will be making during this year, 
I decided to draw one.
Even though drawing is not something I am very good at !! ;D
I have always admire people who can draw and I think part of this wonderful challenge, Bird a Week, is to try do make birds in different mediums.
I will try to challenge myself to make them in any medium possible for me,other than metal jewelry.

I used to make a lot of metal embossing pieces and I just let them on the side when I started making my jewelry. I think I will make my third bird with metal embossing, it is going to be great to go back to something I really enjoyed.

Here are some of my pieces I created with this technique !

I taught myself how to work with this technique and I am sure I may have been doing it with my "own" style ! 
One day I will love to learn how to do this with a professional artists.

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