Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'd rather be in the studio !

I'd Rather Be in the Studio!

I have been enjoying making my art since 2006, but there was something missing in my development as an artist. Most of my artists friends talked about this, and I finally got the courage to take a workshop about "The business of Art." 

Learning how to market myself and my art has been a confusing and scary journey, but I learned to enjoy doing it as much as I love making my art.

I am always looking to find more information about marketing and self-
promotion. I am so happy to share with you this wonderful book, I'd Rather Be in the Studio!" by Alyson B. Stanfield. Alyson is a great communicator and coach in self-promotion, her book is filled with great tips and guidance.

If you are growing as an artist and your work is being accepted better and better, this is a great book you must have to learn how to self-promote your work.

These are some of her ideas in the book that I really like:

"No one is going to magically appear in your studio, wave a shimmering wand, and give you the success you want in your art career. You have to get out of the studio and make it happen." ~Alyson Stanfield

"In order to have a successful career, you should be able to define yourself and your art in a sea of artist. To do this, you must first find your style." 
~ Alyson Stanfield

Keep playing-Keep creating !!!



  1. Looks like a valuable book for the jewelry artist that wants to be successful in the world away from the studio~

  2. It is a great book. I am all the time in my studio but at the same time I learned to self promote my work while I am in my studio. ;-D

  3. This has always been my problem. I have been an artist for over 40 years and have yet to figure out how to get out of my is a constant battle!

  4. Iam in the process of reading this, I definitely need to work on the marketing of my art!

  5. You are very talented and your work and yourselves deserve to be OUT there !! You will like reading this book, I am sure. I totally understand the battle between staying in the studio or getting out of it to self promote. I have taken this new challenge one step at a time. If you can do little steps everyday, you will see the difference.

  6. Lorena, thank you for sharing this book with us. It's definitely one I am going to need to purchase!


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