Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My house smells like a bakery !!!!

My dear husband decided to bake bread Today. 

He loves to cook and bake but I think Today he got a little crazy !!! 
He is reading a book we got a couple of years ago.I think he wants to try every recipe this wonderful book has. I can see more days of bread baking in my future!
Sadly for me, I can not eat any of them. Jorge and my kids will enjoy them a lot !
Bread, anyone???


  1. Packing my bags and headed to your house!!

  2. I will be waiting for you Janice !!! ;D

  3. I'm booking the next flight :-)
    Hope it's not too late!!!

  4. Thank you...stay tuned for more!
    I love it....great job...
    Bakery Equipment


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