Monday, February 21, 2011

RAW(ring a week) Blog Carnival.

This is my first blog carnival for RAW. I really like the idea of writing about our experiences and this time I am going to write about what was my inspiration for participating in RAW.  

After having participated in RAD(ring a day) last year I new I could not missed the opportunity to join this group. 

Joining a challenge group is a great motivation and inspiration experience. I joined the first group because I usually did not make rings and this challenge gave me more confidence to do it.

Creating with different materials and techniques is one of my goals during this challenge. I also want to make more stone bezel settings and continue to be more confident about my work.
This group is formed by incredible talented artists from around the world and it is a great inspiration to see all their creations.

©2011 Lorena Angulo
January rings

©2011 Lorena Angulo
February rings

Please visit these incredible artists blogs to see their posts !
Marcie Abney -
Joanne Harrill -
Thomasin Durgin -
Amy Nicole -
Janice -
Aleksandra Micic -
Lana Chu -
Evelyn Markasky -
Kerry Alice-Twigs and Heather -
Kate Jones--
Maria Apostolou-
Sarah Small -
Rebecca Bogan -
Elaine Luther -
Rebekah Timlin Meddles -
Laura M (Zoeowyn)-
Kimberly (bahamadawn) -
Erin Austin -
Catherine Witherell -
Michele Grady-
Joan Furilla -
Kathryn Cole- 


  1. Lorena, I really like the direction your paperclay rings/jewelry is going. The color is wonderful and the details very precious. I also like your pmc versions, but the color on these just can't be beat. I hope you will continue in this direction, will love to see where you take it.

  2. It was your participation and blogging, and commenting about RAD, that I followed (no I'm not stalking you, at least not until I drive to Tx for a workshop) to RAD, and in turn RAW.

  3. RAW is so much fun! I enjoy seeing your weekly rings. You are very talented!

  4. It's hard to believe you didn't make many rings before this!! Your rings are so beautiful! I love the day of the dead series very very much!!!!!

  5. I fell in love in your little birds in RAD and have been enjoying your presence ever since!!!!

  6. I agree - it is hard to believe you werent a big ring maker before!

  7. I'm also having difficulty to believe that you didn't use to make many rings before :-)
    I love them so much as I do with all your jewelry! So glad we're in RAW together!

  8. I love your Guadalupe ring and I find it hard to believe you never made rings before as well! Keep up the good work!

  9. I spent some time in Mexico a few years ago, and I love seeing the cultural influences in your work. Just gorgeous! Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, I really look forward to the challenge of RAW. ;)

  10. Thank You everybody !!
    I am really happy to be part of this wonderful group and meet so many talented artists.

  11. I love your work! Lana

  12. So happy that you are continuing with RAW. Your eye for color and attention to detail is inspiring. Looking forward to seeing more paper clay rings. I love them!

  13. Lorena, you are the person that I have been most drawn to since beginning this challenge. I love your work, it inspires me to try pmc again...and not just that, you are so positive and I love your quotes on FB. I am so glad this project gave me the opportunity to discover an amazing person and artist!

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  15. Lorena! I love your energy and how willing you are the just jump in and do it! I look forward to seeing your rings every week. I am learning a lot from you and am thankful you include me in your creative life. We are in this together even though we live far from each other. xo

  16. Thank You Lana, Erin, Amy and Catherine !!
    I am so happy to have met you all !! Kisses !!


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