Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Online Classes Coming Soon !

I was invited to be part of the wonderful group of instructors at CraftEdu. CraftEdu is an online art and fine craft university, and is going to give me the opportunity to reach students in places that I may not be able to go. 
Teaching in CraftEdu is an amazing opportunity to share my passion for what I do.
I already have an online classroom, Lorena Angulo's Classroom,where I will be sharing information about by classes and my work. The students can go in there and ask me questions and post their creations from my classes. I want my classroom to be a fun place where we all can share our love for art and craft.

At this moment I am working in my first class which will be recorded in English and Spanish. I never though editing and recording my voice will be so fun, it is a lot of work but I am enjoying it.

This is my Gallery of Work at CraftEdu.

I am embracing this new adventure with happiness and I am sure it is going to be a great journey !
Are you doing something new this year? I will love to know what are you doing !



  1. Hey! Congratulations. That's great. I'm really pleased for you. I know your classes will be really popular. Enjoy it my dear.

  2. I can hardly wait. I love your work! :) Such fabuness!

  3. Thank You Donna !!
    I see you are in my classroom already !
    Welcome to my class and I am sure it will be a great adventure. My first class will be ready soon, I am working in it at this moment. ;)


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