Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Queen of Hearts Class in Houston during Adorn Me!

I am back from a couple of days away for a wonderful art event in Houston, Texas. I taught a class in Adorn Me! this past Saturday and I was very happy with my amazing group of energetic and talented students.
Some of them had never play with metal clay before but they all did a great job.

During our class my students created a pendant and a set of earrings with PMC3. 
These are the pendants they all made !!

I am very proud of all of them !! You all made me have a great time and I hope I can see you again soon !

Thank You to Terrie Bodine, Carol Graves, Stacey Johnson, Lisa Klein A, Simone Palmer, Rebecca Terrazas, Susan Urband and Debra Sweeney.

Hope to see you all next year at Adorn Me! Houston again !!

Lorena Angulo


  1. I am so there!! And I am determined to drag S. Maddock with me! Mwahahahaha! <---- see, that was my evil laugh!

  2. Beautiful projects! Fabulous teacher. ;D

  3. Lisa: I am sure you will be there !! Hope you can drag Stacey with you !! ;D

    Lora: Thank you my friend! My students were very good !

  4. Yes, I have to second "Fabulous Teacher". Had a lot of fun and learned many new techniques a la Lorena. It was a great group. Thanks Lorena, for the pics, laughs and link! Count me in for next year.


  5. Stacey: I loved seeing you in my class !!

  6. The results are amazing. Obviously these ladies had an exemplary teacher.

  7. Thank You Sylvia ! My students were good learners and listeners. ;0)


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