Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bird a Week #11

My inspiration for this week was the wonderful "Alebrijes" from my country, Mexico. The "Alebrijes" are wonderful and colorful creatures made with hand carved copal wood sculptures and painted with a lot of bright colors. The first Alebrijes were made out of cardboard or papier mache.

I choose to create a peacock in this style and I have to admit I had a great time.
I did notice that I will have to look for better paint brushes to be able to paint better and finer details in the piece. I do not have that type of brushes and I did the best I could to make it.

I started by sculpting the peacock with Creative Paperclay. Typically the alebrijes have pieces in the sculpture that came apart. In my case I made the feathers and the wings detached from the piece.
After I sanded the whole piece I started to paint my bird with some vivid acrylic colors.
My Peacock found a home in my "Sun Room" !!

I had a difficult time trying to get a good image, sorry !!! ;o)


  1. Beautiful! Very mexican folk art. You are a great artist.

  2. Thank You Norma ! It was fun to make it !! ;o)

  3. So very beautiful Lore. I realize just how talented you are with every new pice you make. ;D

  4. Lora: Love you my friend !! I am happy you like what I make.

  5. Lorena, I love it. I have a few alebrijes in my they're prohibitively priced! I love the idea of using paper're so clever

    Love coming to your blog and seeing all the lovely and wonderful things you are such an inspiration.

    Have a wonderful week.


  6. Gracias Georgina !!
    I love Alebrijes too and have some of them in my home. It is amazing what the artisans do with a piece of copal wood!!
    I am glad you enjoyed my blog posts !!


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