Tuesday, March 22, 2011

30-Minute Rings (LARK book)

30-Minute Rings is a wonderful book by the publisher LARK and written by Marthe Le Van. This book is fill with 60 quick and creative projects from 49 artists.
I always look forward to see what new books Lark is publishing and this great book is not a disappointment. You will love to see the many designs and materials used in all the projects and create unique rings in only 30 minutes.
The artists that participated in the book are great jewelers and designers. It will be hard for me to mention all their names but just to give you an idea here are some of them: 2 Roses Studio, Lora Hart, Emma Baird, Cynthia Del Giudice, Sara Westermark and Danielle Miller-Gilliam; just to mention a few.

Designer: LORA HART
Designer: AJA ENGEL

Designer: EMMA BAIRD


Publication date is April 2011, you will love to add this book to your bookshelf!!


  1. Hi! I am your newest follower.

    I've actually been wanting to purchase this book to start making metal rings...

    I've worked with clay before...

    Have you tried any of them?

    Feel free to follow me too at


  2. Hola! Thanks for following me!

    You will love this book. The projects are very nice and for any level. I have not tried any of them yet but I am sure they will be easy to create. You can also modified the design and only follow the technique ;o).



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