Thursday, March 3, 2011

24 Hours of jewelry in facebook by Marthe Le Van

Left to right, top to bottom: Laura Lang Dix, Lissa Hashimoto, Lorena Angulo, Lorincz Reka, Margaux Lange, Melody Armstrong, Mes-Tau Précieux, Michael Mara, Muriel Clemenceau, and Peter Skubic

Marthe Le Van, Jewelry Editor at Lark Crafts, made a great post about the wonderful opportunity to promote our craft via social networking.
 I agree with her 100%, thanks to social networking I have been able to promote my craft and meet wonderful people.
I just gave a presentation on self promotion and social networking to a group of artists and told them about how wonderful it is to have this technology at our hands Today. We all need to take advantage of what a great tool this is.

My earrings "Pajaritos" were featured in Marthe's post. 
©2011 Lorena Angulo
Fastfire Bronzclay, sterling, Peruvian blue opal.
Go and visit her blog, I am sure you will like to read it.


  1. Thanks for the link Lorena! It looks quite interesting~~

  2. Your welcome ! ;0)
    They always have great information in their blog.

  3. Great article, thank you for sharing!!!!! I will come again, I hope you can see my website!!


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