Tuesday, June 23, 2009

PMC Guild Annual #3

PMC Guild Annual #3

I am very happy to be selected again this year for the wonderful book PMC Guild Annual #3.

This book is the PMC guild's annual juried publication that is distributed to all the guild members every year.

For this publication 4 jurors selected 109 images among 456 images they received .

The images came from eight countries and 25 states in the US.

I am honored to be in a book with such great artists and to share the back cover of the book with some of them ;-}.

The gorgeous whistle ring in the cover of the book is from a very talented artist,
Donna Penoyer.

Congratulations to all the great artists that will have their work in this years book!!!



  1. Congratulations! Well deserved!

    I can hardly wait to peruse all the treasures.

  2. WOW, love your work. Your name caught my attention,that's also my name, and I'm also from TX. with strong ties to MX. Small world

  3. Thank You Vickie ;-}!

    Hi Nena ,
    Nice to meet you and thanks for your nice comment about my work.
    I lived in El Paso for almost 5 years, went to UTEP to study as an international student. Small world !! ;-}

  4. that's wonderful, congrats! i love your work!

  5. You've been tagged! If you choose to play along go to my bog to see the rules. ;-) (oh and congratulations!)

  6. oops, i tagged you too. so i'll just wait to see if you decide to participate.


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