Sunday, June 7, 2009


There is a new metal clay on the market named COPPRclay.

This metal clay is available exclusively through and copprclay dealers.

I started to play with it in April and I really love the texture of the clay.

I am a very enthusiastic promoter of metal clays and this new clay is going to open up more opportunities for creating bigger pieces.

After my wonderful experience in making a pot with bronzclay I wanted to create a pot with copprclay too.

My work is always full of details and tridimensional and I wanted to do pieces like that on my first try with COPPRclay.

This was my "Pineapple Pot".

Two more of my pieces, a "Tree of Life" and " Milagro Heart".

I fired the pieces at 1650 F and hold for 2 hours using coal-based carbon.

Sadly for me, my pieces did not sinter!!!

Talking with more artist about my experience and with Bill Struve (the inventor of COPPRclay), I found that I need it to fired my pieces at 1700F and hold for 3 hours and to only use coconut shell-based carbon.

This is not over !!!!! I will try again soon!!!!!!


  1. oh, that's too bad! :( those pieces were beautiful!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Yes, I was sad when I saw the broken pieces.

  4. Oh, that's heartbreaking!
    I hope the new firing schedule fixes everything. I bought some CopprClay to try.

  5. Great!!! I can not wait to see what gorgeous piece you make Vickie!!!
    I am on my second try for a copprclay pot.

  6. Totally bummed about the pineapple pot! You must do that design again Lore. It's fabulous. and I loved seeing it on the coffee cup warmer. Gave a sense of scale. I don't really know how big your pieces are. They seem huge. ;-)

  7. Thank You Lora! I will do it again, my son ,who loves pineapples, is begging me to do it again.


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