Monday, June 22, 2009

More copprclay playing time!

I have been playing more with copprclay lately and I still have some problems with the firing to be the perfect one for my kind of pieces.

My work is bigger and thicker and sometimes I end up firing the pieces twice just to be sure they are sinter correctly.

I still have one mask that I have fired two times and the piece looks the same, the clay is dry but it is not sinter at all, I will keep on trying with this piece because I am very persistent and I love the face!

Although the face lost some flowers on the first firing and the eyebrows on the second firing, I will make it work!!! ;-}
On my first group of pieces I fired was a milagro heart I designed but it was not sinter and it broke. I kept the piece to see if I could fix it.

I had to make some changes to the piece and I like the way it looked at the end.
I had been thinking in making a cuff for a long time and one good friend artist Vickie Hallmark, ,showed me her amazing cuff and it really inspired me to try to make one.

The cuff fired perfectly but I had the bad idea to try to close it a little more and although I know that I needed to anneal the cuff before , I did it without doing it and I broke my cuff.
This mistake gave me the idea of making earrings with the same design, my friends in Facebook told me they like them as earrings too.

I end up making a new cuff, this time bigger and wider and the piece fired very good and I did not touch it after that ;-}.
Better to be safe than sorry again!


  1. They are all just beautiful, Lorena!

  2. This cuff is gorgeous! I came to you via Catherine and am so glad. I added you to my blogroll as you are so close, and my daughter lives in San Antonio!! I am so glad to meet you....
    I love your jewelry! Your textures have captured me~

  3. Hola Diane!
    Nice to meet you and thank you for your nice comments about my work!
    We will meet someday I am sure! ;-}
    Where do you live?


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