Saturday, July 14, 2012

Making a home for my little figurines

It been almost a year since I made my ring figurines and after spending a day cleaning up my studio I noticed they were all inside a box and I felt very sad about it.

I LOVE making them, they gave so much joy and looking at them all together inside a small box make me realize they deserve much better than that.

I took them out of the box and decided to make them a new home.

Looking around me studio, I saw something that will work perfect for what I wanted to make. I want to each have their own space and I am very sure I will have a great time making them.

I painted some unfinished wood boxes in bright colors (of course!) and this is just the beginning of how their new home will look like.

I will post the "nichos" with my rings inside them when I finished making them!

Lorena ♥


  1. Fabulous rings and GREAT displays!! Show us when you get them all done - I bet they look fabulous as a grouping!

    1. Thanks, Janice !! ♥
      I am starting to paint the nichos with some flowers ;o).
      I will post them when they are done.

  2. Oh Lorena, I love all your ring figurines and what a great idea! You are soooo talented!!! xo

  3. Thanks, Kim !!!! ;o)
    What are you doing awake at this time ???


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