Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My First "Nicho" is Finished !

A couple of days ago I started painting some wood boxes to make new homes for my figurine rings I made last year.
They needed a perfect display for them and instead of looking for something made already, I decided I will make them their perfect home.

I forgot how much I enjoy making folk art, painting the boxes made me realized my big love for this form of art. Every minute I have spent making them is full of joy and wonderful memories of my country.

I will be making more than eight nichos in total but I may make more. This is the first one I have finished and it was inspired in my Angel ring.
©2011 Lorena Angulo
Creative PaperClay, Colored pencils and Acrylics
3.13" x 2.10" x 1.37"

I first painted the wood box in red and started drawing free hand some flowers and leaves.

While I was painting my box I started talking an online workshop with the amazing Keith Lo Bue to learn how to work with steel wire. I took a class with him in Houston already but I knew this new workshop will be incredible and I am having a GREAT time.

During the first couple of videos, we had to start playing with a piece of wire to practice and when I saw the piece of wire I knew what I could do with it, instead of just leaving that in a box of "practice" pieces.

I grabbed my stamping tools and added some stamps in my piece. I played a little more with it and adapted the design to my box. 

Yes, I added some metal into my "Nicho" and I am super HAPPY at how it makes  my nicho more ME !!
Nicho Felicidad
©2012 Lorena Angulo
Hand-painted wood box with acrylics and steel wire


  1. Beautiful!!! I cannot wait to see more!!

  2. Oh yay! LOVE IT! You are so creative and SO Talented!

  3. I am VERY happy to see your comments in my blog !
    Thanks for taking your time to talk to me ! ;o)


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