Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ring a Day: 700 photos from 365 day jewelry challenge

As I have mentioned before in my blog, I was part of a group of artists who participated in a great challenge in 2010. All this started with a single jeweler in Brooklyn,Nina Dinoff, who decided to create a group called Ring a Day. The challenge was to create one ring a day for the entire year. No matter the material or the time each participant had, we all have to create a ring a day.
This challenge was a huge success, artists from around the world were creating and posting their rings at the group's page in FLICKR, Ring a Day.
Because of the great outcome of this challenge, Marthe Le Van (who was also participating in the challenge) decided to create a book featuring some of the rings.
Lark Jewelry & Beading senior content editor Marthe Le Van has written, edited, juried and curated more than 40 books since 2000. Some of her books are 21st Century Jewelry: The best of the 500 series (this book is GORGEOUS !!), 30-Minute Rings, 500 Wedding Rings and Masters: Gold. She is a member of the Art Jewelry Forum and the Society of north American Goldsmiths.
The Ring a Day book includes 700 rings created by the Ring-a-Day participants.
The format of the book is super nice because it is like a notebook with 365 days of wonderful rings photos. The book includes some of the most recognizable and memorable designs from the contest plus comments from the artists. I really enjoy looking at all the pictures and reading some of the comments the artists made about their experiences on participating in this great challenge and some of the inspirations for their rings.
I am proud and honored to have more than 10 rings featured in this fantastic book.
We all had a great journey during the challenge and got to meet so many wonderful and talented artists from different countries.

Thank you Nina for starting this great challenge and Thank You Marthe Le Van for making this amazing book. 

The book will be publish on September, 2011 !!! 


  1. Lorena, what an honor to have 12 rings featured. Congratulations! I would love to see the book myself. Sometimes I try to catch up on Flickr to get inspired by all the ideas people come up with. Take care, Helga

  2. Yeah and I loved it to have seen them in person in the Punch gallery in Seattle. It was a super exhibition. Susan Ellenton and I (plus a lot of other people) enjoyd it very much :-)

  3. I would love to have a copy of this book! I love making all-things-jewelry, but truth be told, rings are my absolute favorite!!!! Can't wait for the book to come out!


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