Monday, August 15, 2011

More Gilders Paste to play

I love to experiment with new ways to bring color to my work and Gilders paste is the latest one I have been playing with. Now I have more colors, mostly bright colors, which I love to use.

They come in so many colors it is hard to just choose one or two. I know I will have to spend more time playing with them but I am totally okay with that. Every new material or medium takes practice and time to really get to know it better. Experimenting is fun and in case I am not happy with how the colors look like, I can take them out with some mineral spirits. 

This cross is made with PMC3 and I added Gilders Paste
after it was fired.

For this bronze face I applied Gilders paste but I did not wanted
 to have a solid color covering the details. I applied the Gilders paste
and then I took some of it off to have a more rustic look.
Are you playing with a new material? What are you playing with?



  1. I'm not familiar with Gilders paste. I assume you don't fire it after applying it, so how does it 'stay put' without rubbing off on clothing?

  2. Thanks !!! ♥

    SHELBY: You have to let it dry for at least 12 to 24 hours and then you apply a clear lacquer like PermaLac.

  3. I was looking at this Gilders Paste last night and wondered how it worked....might have to give it a try, it looks fun! Love the face :)


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