Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Time

After all we have been through during this summer, we did not wanted to cancel our plans to take the kids to Galveston before the summer was over. My kids had been so good at school and they are such great children that we knew they deserved having a fun time.
We, Jorge and Me, also needed some time to relax. 
It is amazing how much energy our children give to us. They are so positive and supportive, I am truly blessed to have the family I have.

My BIG loves in my life !!!
Veronica and Christian
Christian, making me laugh

Vero and Me trying to take a picture with one hand ;o)

Veronica modeling her hat !
Our beautiful moon on the last day we spent at Galveston


  1. Lorena, what a beautiful time with your family! That's a great picture of you and Veronica. Was it terribly hot or is there some breeze off the ocean? I want to take the family to Galveston again. We never seem to find the time to go.

  2. Thank You,Leslie !!
    It was hot but the wonderful breeze made it not as bad. We also went to the beach late on the day, around 6 pm. The best time for the beach. ;o)

  3. You are a lucky woman Lorena. You have a wonderful family! Congratulations!

  4. Wow, I can't believe how much Christian has grown! Glad you had a good time - there is nothing better than the roar of the ocean!! I'll be going by that fishing pier today, it has been 2 weeks since I've been there and I'm having withdrawls!! haha (that's a long time for me)


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