Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Veronica's first adventure with Bronzclay

My beautiful 8 year old daughter, Veronica, has to make something to sell at her school this coming Friday.
The kids are learning about economics and this sell it is going to be a learning experience for all of them.

I was very happy to see how excited she was about this, and she got even more when I told her that maybe this was the time for her to play with metal clay.

I asked her to draw a design and she came out with this.
©2010 Veronica Amodio
Do you think I have influenced my daughter, just a little ??? 

After making some modifications to her first design, she was ready to start working. 
Look at how happy she was !!!!  I LOVE HER !!!!
I was very happy to see how good she was working with the clay.
After making all the hearts, she cut out the wings and I help her attach them to the hearts.
©2010 Veronica Amodio
Here they are !!!!  Ready to be fire tomorrow.
Veronica's Charms of Love-Charms for Charity !


  1. These are going to be so wonderful,Iam extremely impressed with Veronica's charms!!!

  2. She is so cute!
    And what a beautiful work!
    I'm looking forward to seeing them fired ;)

  3. How lovely to be able to share something like this with your daughter. Really looking forward to seeing how Vernonica's charms turn out once fired, they look fab!

  4. Oh, like mother like daughter!...wonderful, Veronica!

  5. Amazing..they are really pretty, can't wait to see them once they are fired..what a beautiful and clever daughter of yours!

  6. Beautiful. It's great to see kids interested in the arts. Specially if they can share it with a parent.

  7. Yes, you have certainly influenced her in a wonderful way! Really lovely!

  8. Wonderful! How fun for her AND you~ Can't wait to see the final pieces.


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