Monday, December 6, 2010

My Queen

I had a little struggle finishing this piece.
At the beginning I had so many ideas and when I was in the process of making it, I had lots of bumps in my design that I was not very happy about.
Finally, yesterday I went back to look for it and decided it was her moment to be finish.

When my heart is in the right place, everything just flows like magic.

Hope you like my new piece, inspired by the Mexican Milagros charms.

I hand carved the eyes with bronze metal clay.

I cut some faux bone and colored it with acrylics.

I saw cut a frame to my piece with copper.

I hand stamped the copper frame.

At this point I noticed some problems with my design, it was too wide and I needed to make some modifications to the copper frame to fit better.

After some playing around and changing more than one aspect of my original design, this is how it looks now.
I added some red coral, pearls and turquoise beads,a milagro charm(eyes) brass chain, LOS patina, rivets and hand formed copper chain.

The symbol of the eyes is important to me because they are the windows of our soul. 
You can know someone just by really looking into their eyes.
They also represent the time we need to spend everyday just to watch our surroundings.
Really appreciate what we have and what lives around us.



  1. Your Queen Necklace reminds me of the mysterious Bedouin women....exotic, intriguing. romantic...BRAVO!


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