Sunday, December 12, 2010

Art.i.copia 2010

Southwest School of Art organized the 2010 Art.i.copia on Saturday, December 11.
I was one of the invited artist to this wonderful event and I was very happy to see my friends during the show.

The San Antonio community is very lucky to have such fantastic place to visit and admire the art made my very talented artists.

Some of the invited artists were: Kari Stringer from Fat Cat Jewelry Studio, Priscilla Martinez from Joyarte, Diana Kersey, Jane Bishop, Mary FischerJennifer Ling DatchukJ L. Collier, and me.

Thank You to Clare Watters (Gallery Shop Buyer-Manager at SSA) and Barbara Hill (Director of Programs at SSA) and to all the staff at the Gallery Shop and the SSA. You all made a great job and were always helping and friendly to all the artists.


  1. What a great space to have a show in!

  2. Beautiful work, displays and setting!

  3. Hi Lore, thanks so much for stopping by. Glad you like the box! Your jewelry continues to amaze and dazzle me. Such wonderful pieces. Take care, Riki

  4. Thanks !! :D
    Yes, the building is gorgeous and the atmosphere was perfect for the show.

  5. Hi Lorena !

    I'm following for some time, being too shy to comment ! I'm a jewellery maker myself and just had my first fair this week end, so the atmosphere rings to me !

    I absolutely love your work and wish I could go to one of your exhibition one day ! Your work really speak to me.

    Aurélie from France xxx

  6. Merci beaucoup Aurelie !!
    Thanks !!
    I wish you luck in all your shows, thanks for commenting, I LOVE to read your comments. Do not be shy! :D


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