Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Humor in Craft by Brigitte Martin

Since I learned about the title of this book, I was very curious to see what the book was going to be about.
Humor in Craft is a wonderful book showcasing incredible pieces of art, the title could not be more perfect. The author Brigitte Martin, who is the creator and editor of Crafthaus , features a wonderful array of art works from artists around the world.
The book itself is beautifully made and has great quality, a perfect book to have in any coffee table for everyone to enjoy. 

Every page is filled with great images of pieces made with all different types of materials and mediums, each representing the personal way every artists views and makes humor be part of their work.
Schiffer books is known for publishing very nice gallery type books and this one is no exception.
Brigitte Martin did a great job putting together this beautiful book, it is  definitively a book to have in any art studio or home of anyone who enjoys and appreciates art. 

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