Sunday, February 12, 2012

Powder Coating class with Michael Dale Bernard

I just had the most amazing and fun class this weekend. Michael Dale Bernard came to Southwest School of Art to teach Powder Coating.

I was very excited to learn this great technique because I love to add color to my work without using beads or stones.

Powder coating is a thermo set, polymer paint process. The coated is applied electro-statically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow out into a smooth, durable surface.

Here is a great video Michael has about this topic:

The class was intensive but we all had such a great time. Michael is an incredible artists and a very good teacher, he was always willing to answer all the questions the students had.

©2010  Michael Dale Bernard  
Wood be Diamonds, brooch series
Steel, copper, wood, silver, powder coat, enamel paint

The first day of the class Michael let us used some of his found metal objects to start playing with powder coating. We were all eager to start adding some colors. Here you can see some examples that I made with the metal objects he let us used.

These two pieces are still in progress. I will make some
bronze metal clay pieces that will be riveted in the
center to attach all the pieces together.

For the second day I wanted to make something with my own creative style. Of course I had to create a heart and also I decided to powder coat some pieces I had for a necklace I am making.

©2012 Lorena Angulo
Copper, Bronze, powder coat
I am still working in this piece. I am making a necklace using a beautiful
button that was embroidered by Ellen Louwes.
(Copper, Embroidered button , powder coat.)

I am very excited to keep on playing with powder coating, the equipment is not very expensive and I can see myself doing much more of this in the future.

Michael photographed this picture of
my piece.


  1. Love your experiments and pieces with powder coating. It's such a great way to introduce color into your work!

  2. Thanks !!

    I really like this way of adding color. Michael is a great teacher and fantastic artist.

  3. So cool Lorena! This technique really compliments your work and color pallet!

  4. hey, thanks for the invite... it is lovely, your blog. i cant wait till i get one. and the class, well his work is so fantastic.... so glad i got to see some of it. what a lucky person you are to gat and have fun playing with all those colors.... xoxoxoxshraybronze hey, i cant figure out how to leave a non anonymous comment????

  5. Lorena, thanks for the video link. I'd love to try powder coating. It looks like great fun and most likely provides a more durable finish and better control than torch firing. Will have to give it a try!

  6. What an excellent video, Lorena ! Thank you so much for sharing it, the process and your beautiful work! Geee, one more neat technique to look into. Like you, I prefer color on my pieces rather than adding stones and such ... Hmmm, gotta run after all that material here in France at one point ... :-) i really love how the colors on your pieces totally match and add to your style, great fit!

    1. Thank You, Angela !! ♥
      I really like this technique, it is incredible how fast this powder polymer paint cures.

  7. This is a great tutorial for artist and such. Simple, easy way to paint and powder coat from home.


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