Thursday, January 5, 2012


Happy New Year 2012 !!!!!!
Yes, I know I am 5 days late for this but for me this is the first day of the year. 

I have been very sick with a cold that had me miserable for more than 5 days, I spent most of the first days of the year sleeping and taking medicine but THANK GOD I am ALIVE  and feeling MUCH better.
This is how I looked all the time and I felt like that too. It is incredible how my eyes are so sad, I told myself this is my time to take a rest that I know I needed because the last couple of months have been very intense for me. 
I am finally able to come to my studio, or what looks like my studio under all the mess I made during those Holidays Shows.

Now I am ready to start this new year with all my energy and with a positive attitude no matter what comes my way. 2011 was a year that gave me a lot of incredible opportunities and happiness but also has been a very challenging year too. We lost three members of my family in less than 4 months and some other issues that I am still trying to survive, I have faith that whatever our destiny has planned for me, my husband and my kids it will always be for the better.

I am thankful for the support I got from family and friends, THANKS to all of you for your kind words and for being there for us. ♥

I have lots of things I want to start doing and creating, I can not wait to see what new things come my way. For now I decided to make my first piece of jewelry for this year and I made my favorite accessory, earrings !!

I can not go anywhere if I am not wearing earrings, I am so obsess with them that I keep a pair in my car just in case I forget to put some or in case something happens to the ones I am wearing. ;o) Yes, I know I am a little crazy but earrings make me HAPPY.

You see?  I am HAPPY !!!
Still a little sick but happy.

LUNA (Moon)
©2012 Lorena Angulo
FastFire Bronzclay, copper wire, sterling, turquoise and red coral

Blessing to all and I want to wish you a fantastic year !!!

Lorena Angulo

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