Monday, December 5, 2011

My little "Catrinas"

I have been making little figurines with Creative Paperclay inspired in the dead of the dead lady figurines called, Catrinas. These are my own interpretation of the Catrinas and I am falling in love with all of them.
The first two I made were my Little Frida and Catrina, they both have new homes now.
Little Frida and Catrina
©2011 Lorena Angulo
Creative paperclay, acrylics and watercolors

What I like the most about making these figurines is that every time I hand sculpt one, they each have their own personalities. I never draw a design when I start, I like to create them in the moment, this way they tell me how they will like to look like. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but that is how I feel when I sculpt them.

My first step is to hand form the heads, I think the form of the head guides me in how the "catrina" will end up looking.

Depending on the form and size of the head, I hand sculpt the bodies that I will attach to the heads. As soon as I have the bodies, I can start visualizing the dresses.

©2011 Lorena Angulo
©2011 Lorena Angulo
©2011 Lorena Angulo

Little by little they start coming alive and it makes my heart warm and very happy to see them transformed in from of my eyes.

I will post later the three finished pieces. I can not wait to see how they will end up looking !!


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