Friday, November 19, 2010

My love for NICHOS.

I have always had a strong connection with the Mexican traditional "Nichos". They really captivate my attention and make me get closer to them and see their beauty and what treasures they hold inside.

Nichos are a popular adaptation of the Catholic "retablos". They can be made out of mixed materials and decorated with colorful details.
Usually "nichos" display religious objects but nowadays they can be made with any object that may have a strong meaning and place in your heart and family.

Nichos have been a great inspiration in my work and I have made some of them in different metals and designs.

These are some of my nichos.

This necklace was made with two pure silver nichos and small bronze nichos, this piece is very close to my heart. The images I added into each nicho are from my daughter, Veronica. She was born three months early with only 1 pound 11 oz of weight.
This necklace is a celebration of her fight to live and her triumph of survival.

This pure silver nicho has an image of a painting I made of the Virgen of Guadalupe.

 This fabricated copper nicho helps me display my work.

I made this pure silver nicho as a gift for a great artist and my mentor, Claire Holliday when she retired as the Metals department Chair at Southwest School of Art

Sterling silver nicho and pure silver heart.

Fabricated copper nicho with Mexican milagros charms, acrylic paint, 
resin and coral.

Bronze nicho.

Fabricated copper nicho displaying my heart mixed media nicho.

Fabricated heart copper nicho with resin and charms.

This is my newest fabricated copper nicho. I am still working on it and very soon will have some treasures inside.

Hope you enjoyed my nichos, I made them with lots of love.


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  1. they are ALL so wonderful!!!
    each with its own elements and special meaning ...

    your work has so much soul Lorena!

  2. That neck piece will be a wonderful family heirloom to hand down to your children and grandchildren. Wonderful piece! Thanks for teaching me a new word "nicho"

  3. They are such lovely treasures, especially the necklace with your daughter's pictures.

  4. Delightful post, I enjoyed learning about nichos and seeing all these beautiful treasures that you made! Thank you for sharing Lorena!

  5. Those are SO beautiful. My particular favorites are the all silver one, and the heart one with the beautiful face. Wow. Such talent!

  6. Your nichos are simply amazing. I particularly like the pure silver one and fabricated copper. You are so talented Lore! Wishing you and your family a fabulous Thanksgiving.


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