Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beauty in Transience: Creating Perishable Jewelry with Anemone Tontsch

Southwest School of Art offered a wonderful class with German jeweler Anemone Tontsch on Friday, November 12.

I was not going to miss this wonderful opportunity to meet Anemone and learn to see the beauty in everything, no matter what it is. 

As you can see in this picture, our materials to create our jewelry were not the typical ones we are use to work with. We knew this class will be a great adventure.

My first project was to make something with a gorgeous carrot. I loved the shape of the whole carrot and decided to keep the whole piece for my ring.
I wanted to take advantage of the color and body of my carrot by not adding anything else to it.

  A simple carving will bring this carrot alive.

For my next two rings I used a plantain, radishes, dry peppers, acorn, natural raffia and my left over carrot piece.

My last two pieces I made were a pair of earrings ( I forgot to take a picture of them !) and a plantain necklace that I am still working on it.

The whole class was very enthusiastic and made wonderful pieces, as you can see in this collage I created for you.

Anemone was a great teacher and I will never forget this experience.

Beauty is everywhere, it all depends in how we look at it !

Love, Lorena


  1. What a wonderful workshop! I love the pieces created out of edibles.

  2. They are fun to make !!! I just made a "Papaya" ring :D.

  3. Very cool.
    I've never seen anything like this.

    That carrot is my favorite and would likely even work as a charm on a necklace.

    My favorite part of your post?
    Your statement that, "Beauty is everywhere, it all depends in how we look at it!"
    I couldn't agree more!

  4. How fabulous are these! I can't imagine making jewelry with food~ So many cool ideas. :-)

  5. This class sounds yummy. I guess you can't be hungry while there ;-). I like the carrot ring, the plantain necklace and the purple green and orange necklace at the right bottom on the collage! Great exercise to train the eye to see things in a different way. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I thought you were on my blog roll and I wondered why you hadn't posted....Somehow your site slipped through the ethers on my computer. So glad I did a little sleuthing.....caught up with 6 months of your great posts. You've inspired me again! You've churned up my jewelry making creative juices...thank you!!!

  7. Thank You my friends !
    Happy to have you back Penny !!

  8. What a fabulous workshop Lorena! I can't tell you how much I love all the pieces that you made!!! So creative!

  9. amazing! you are one creative lady!


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