Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gifts from Purdue

During my trip to the PMC Conference in Purdue, I was fortunate to receive these beautiful pieces of jewelry from very amazing artists.

Thank you to Lora Hart, Lois Inman Engle and Trish A. Jeffers-Zeh for sharing your beautiful art with me.

Lora Hart

Lora Hart

Lois Inman Engle

Trish A. Jeffers-Zeh

Love all of them and I wear them with a lot of love!


  1. They'll all look so beautiful on you Lore. And thank you so much for your beautiful earrings and the amazing ring. I so got the better end of the deal in that swap.

  2. What wonderful gifts! I'm sure you'll treasure them all for many years to come.


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