Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dia de Muertos

Mexico is a country with a lot of colors, with wonderful traditions and a culture that it is transmitted from generation to generation.
I have been out of my country for more than 10 years and my two kids were born in the USA.
I have always talked to them about my country and my traditions and we celebrate a lot of them here.
The Day of the dead, Dia de Muertos, is a celebration that brings me to my childhood in Chiapas, Mexico. I remember I was never scare of it because we learned to respect dead and celebrate the continuation of life every day.
We celebrate and remember the family members that pass away by honoring them with happiness about the wonderful life they had.
This wonderful tradition is very old in my country, when the Spanish came to my country they tried to convert the native indigenous to a new religion and new ways of living but they could not make them stop celebrating Dia de Muertos.
Originally Dia de Muertos was celebrated for a whole month in the end of July and beginning of August, when the Catholic priests saw they could not stop them from celebrating this day they decided to moved it to only two days to coincide with their own "All saints and all souls day" in November 1st and 2nd.

All this incredible memories have inspired me to make "Calaveras" in my work. I really enjoy designing them and then making them came alive in silver, bronze or copper.
I love to show my kids my Calaveras and they like them a lot.
They are my biggest fans ;-} and this creates an opportunity to talk to them about the day of the dead.
Keeping my tradition alive from generation to generation ! ;-}


  1. Hi Lorena, I am to use a rather irish saying "gobsmacked" by the beauty of your work, It's incredible! Beautiful!

    It's funny how all native religions had a sense of balance and peace about dealing with the natural cycle of life and in many ways I am becoming more and more aware how our christian forefathers could not take or shame away the good things, we as people had/have created as rituals to celebrate and be positive and at peace with LIFE (death being part of this bigger eternal cycle of life). The Celtic rituals are the ones which were changed to All Saints and All Souls Day in the part of the world where I live. They do actually coincide with this time of year as they are also celestial celebrations, celebrating the change of season and in the Celtic calendar the beginning of the New Year.

    But never mind the Celts here. Thank you for sharing your culture's history! Felicidades por El Dia de los Muertos (I hope that's correct, I only learnt those words in the last 24hrs)

    xx Ines

  2. These are exquisite! Thank you so much for sharing these through Mother Henna's blog fest, very inspiring.

  3. Your calaveras are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your art, memories and thoughts about Dia de los Muertos.

  4. Thank You to all of you ! I am glad I found you all ;-}.

  5. A little late but just wanted to say that these are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!


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