Friday, October 23, 2009

Bronzclay Workshop at Say Si.

A couple of weeks ago I got the wonderful opportunity to teach a workshop with metal clay at Say Si in San Antonio, Texas.

Say Si is an amazing organization that serves the youth with a year round non-profit multidisciplinary arts program that provides students ,from middle school and high school age, opportunities to develop artistic and social skills.

The workshop was focus on making pieces, sacred hearts, for their annual day of the dead festival exhibition. The third Annual Muertitos fest will take place in November 5, 6 and 7.

The students that were chosen to be part of the class were Camille, Morgan, Amber, Lou Lou, Ruby and Luke. They all are very talented and creative, each one of them designed their own pieces and did a great job.

All of my students were very curious to work with this new medium, they could not believe that the clay will convert into metal. For me the experience was very educational too. They were so natural and did not hesitate at all when creating their work. They took the medium without any fears and I think that is the best way to approach any challenge. The only tools I gave them were a pvc tube to roll the clay, a polymer clay heart to form the volume of their piece, a neddle tool, x-acto and a carving tool.

Altough we have some little problems , like breaking the pieces, I was there to help them recover the work and fixed the broken pieces. they were always in a good mood and ready to fix the problem.

At the end each of them make their two sacred hearts and because we have some clay left I told them they could make another piece. In our 11 hours class we manage to created almost 20 pieces in all.

Ruby's first Sacred Heart

Ruby's Virgen of Guadalupe

Amber's Sacred Heart

Amber's Sacred Heart

Lou Lou's Sacred doble crown heart

Lou Lou's Sun and Moon

Lou Lou's Sacred Heart

Camille's Sacred heart

Camille's Sacred Heart

Luke's Calavera

Luke's Sacred Heart

Luke's Sacred Heart

Luke's Calavera earrings.


  1. Wonderful post, I love seeing your students work. They did a fantastic job and I'm sure they loved their teacher! Kristi

  2. Thank You Kristi ! ;-}
    I was happy to see how great they did on their first experience with metal clay.

  3. What a beautiful work. They did a great work, with great teacher.
    I have a question, could you please tell me more about metal clay and medium which is convert clay into metal???
    Please send me an e-mail:
    Great regards from Slovenia

  4. great job, great teacher.
    I would like to ask you if you could please tell me more about metal clay and medium which convert clay into metal?
    Thank you and great regards from Slovenia

  5. these pieces are exceptional. wow. I need to learn more about the metal clay. It just looks stunning.

    xx Ines


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