Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Making of my "Angel Guardian" Milagro Heart

Lots of people has asked me how do I start creating my pieces and if I start with an idea and then follow up on it. Yes, I find the inspiration all the time from my cultural heritage and folk art from Mexico. Mexico for me is a strong influence, no matter if it is a piece of jewelry, a painting or a paper doll. I like to create pieces that are close to my heart and that have a strong meaning of what I am and where I come from, this gives me the great opportunity to create pieces that can transmit this great passion.

Since the beginning of this year I have been focused on creating strong and soulful pieces that will allow me to transmit a story and an emotional feeling. In this occasion I wanted to go back to my beginnings where I was obsessed with making a lot the "Milagro Hearts", they are always close in my heart and I think it is time again I honored this wonderful symbolic icon in my work.

I started by sketching my ideas in my book, I have had a sketching book since I started making my work and I always go back to it and see what ideas I still have on paper that are still waiting for me to became real.

Sketching is something I enjoy a lot, I think you do not have to be a great drawer to be able to transmit your ideas and I hope everyone will have one no matter what medium you work in.

This heart will have the butterflies (representing transformation and soul), the guardian angel (representing protection and guidance), the cross (faith) and a healed Milagro Heart (representing the big Love for life, family, work and principally love for yourself and what you are; respect.)

After having my drawing finished then I am ready to start building this piece little by little. Pieces like this have a lot of details and I make each one of them individually by hand; each little butterfly is made alone and this makes them more unique and not looking like they were all cut out from a mold. This is what makes my pieces be more soulful, in my humble opinion.

Making each one of the pieces is a joy for me, every single detail has my total attention and this is one of the parts of my process in creating that I enjoy a lot.

Little by little I will put all the pieces together and finally will have my "Guardian Angel Milagro Heart" finished. I will have more work to do in this piece, finishing more details and then finally attaching all the pieces to the heart.

Work in progress
Angel Guardian Milagro Heart
©2014 Lorena Angulo
Goldie Bronze and Hessonite Garnets

Hope you like my post, I am always happy to share with all of you what I do and how I work.

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